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What size does the cover need to be to cover the solar panel?

Our covers are designed for use whether you do, or do not, have a solar panel. They are universal. 

Will your cantilever offset umbrella cover fit my 10x13 umbrella?

Yes; it accommodates cantilever umbrellas between 9 to 11 feet and does work for a 10x13, as well.

What is the largest size market umbrella that your market umbrella cover fits?

Our market umbrella covers accommodate market umbrellas, up to 11 feet. 

Do you have covers with clear tops, so that my solar panel can charge? 

We do not have covers with clear tops for charging the solar panel, as we have found that the plastic top has deteriorated faster in some environments (e.g. rip, tear, or turn yellow). We want you to be able to enjoy your umbrella for years to come and not have to worry about purchasing a new cover every year.

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